EASA Operator Certification:
Create UAS Operator Certificates during the onboarding of drone operators
Create and Manage Flight Submissions
Create a flight plan in minutes and always receive flight requests in a fully compliant fashion
Manage Airspaces
Authorities can draw, import or edit airspaces, create no-fly zones or add (temporary) restrictions in minutes.
Set the rules
Define local or national drone rule sets. The IDRONECT rule editor simulates the impact of new rules on the workflow.
Super Communication
No more emails or phone calls. All communications is through the platform and tracked from start to finish.
Monitor and track flights
Flights can be tracked in real-time and breaches will be shown immediately. Play back flights to check compliance. A big contribution to drone safety culture.
Deconfliction of the airspace
get an idea on potential conflicts between drone flights in the planning and the flying phases.
Fully responsive
the platform works on any device and on any browser.

How it Works

The IDRONECT UTM can be customized and up and running in a matter of days. There are just 3 easy steps to go through.

Step 1

Define the rules that drone operators flying in your airspace need to follow. Are you following the EASA rules ? Great, we have those covered. Don’t have any rules yet or you have a specific rule set ? No problem. We can enter the rules in our IDRONECT Rule Editor and show the result in the simulator before validating them. We can add some extra conditions that drone pilots need to comply with or extra documents that need to be provided. Do you need multi-level approvals ? Not a problem, by defining workflows we can design the path from flight request to approval in minutes.

Step 2

Then we need to configure the airspaces that you control. We can include airspaces straight from EUROCONTROL or import any georeferenced zone which you mat need to control, think about restricted zones, critical infrastructures, … Each zone can be given its own flight parameters (flight not permitted, only during the day, …). You can even configure the cost of a certain airspace in case you are operating a test centre.

Step 3

The third step is where we bring together the drone operator and the authority. We set up the Portal Hub, define the roles of all actors, include forms and customize the platform. We also configure the flight tracking features and geofence messaging. After some testing, the IDRONECT UTM is ready to go.


For who ?

The IDRONECT UTM can be used by local and national airspace managers such as Droneports, drone schools, concerts, cities, industrial complexes, ports and airports but also by national authorities such as Civil Aviaton Authorities, Air Navigation Service Providers, Police, Defense, and so on.

Our UTM solution is fully flexible and scaleable. What remains always is the common sense approach of making it easy to flying drones safe, legal and efficient while keeping full control of what is happening without administrative overload or the need for a huge budget.


With the IDRONECT UTM you will be able to
  • manage all drone flights in your airspace
  • get your UTM up and running in a matter of days
  • guarantee fast flight approval to drone operators
  • communicate swift and on-topic
  • manage airspaces in minutes
  • see the impact of drone rule sets immediately
  • track flights in real-time
  • play back flights
  • contribute to a growing drone safety cultur